Bruce Dorluin

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Burning Within

New: Unicorns of Avalis Series

By Bruce Dorluin

Born in a school laboratory from a test tube, in the city of Avalis, Lorla, a genetically engineered humod demonstrates her humanity. When her younger brother-like human friend Toniy is rounded up with the other inhabitants of Avalis by the United Civil Globe, Lorla springs into action.

Immerse yourself into our future genetic dystopia, when engineers can create anything through genetic manipulation. Ride along with the Unicorns of Avalis as they team up with their humod counterparts to save the people of Avalis.

Sign up for my Substack as I am writing, in real time, short stories which will fit within the Shards of Space universe called Roe’s Journal.

Echoes of Destiny - Paperback

After our future global dystopia collapses, the humans who remain search for a way off of the dying Earth. Curtis Jecker, 16, leads a team of heroes as they search for a new home. All goes well until Curtis finds a different planet and encounters....another Curtis Jecker. Get a glimpse into the future of Earth and follow the intertwined sci-fi series with a temporal system that nerds won't be able to figure out.